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Help first month using OPK

I started using opk on cd 11 for a 28 day cycle... There was a faint line but neg on cd 11 then there has been no line at all all the way to cd 15. But have had EWCM and watery cm on CD 12-15. Should I just keep testing til BFP, AF or pos opk show or could I have O'd on CD 10ish and the faint line was the surge leaving? Sooo confused anybody willing to give me some advice??

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Actually started on testing on CD 10

5 years ago • Post starter

I never learned to use those things properly.. they can be soo confusing

5 years ago

I would suggest getting the ClearBlue easy fertility tests... they are most money but so worth it... you get an accurate reading with no guess work with the lines. you either get a circle=not fertile or a smiley = fertile. I use these all the time and get a 20 count. Start testing on CD 6 if you are not sure when to test..otherwise, start testing on CD 11. For this cycle if you still have to use the line tests, just BD every other day to keep you covered! Hope this helped! GL! :)

5 years ago


ClearBlue easy will likely be the easiest to use. For standard OPKs the test line needs to be as dark or darker than the control line for a positive. It' recommended that you start using them around day 10 (sooner for short cycles, later for long ones) and that you use them twice a day. You will likely ovulate 12-36 hours after your first true positive. You can stop using them after you see a positive. Good luck!

5 years ago

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