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Dropping bbt 7, 8 & 9dpo

My chart has been unfriendly this cycle - ff changed my crosshairs 3 times! I am supposed to be 9dpo today. my temps have been dropping since 7dpo: 98.23, 8dpo: 98.2 & 98.12 today. What does this mean? Implantaion dips are only 1 day & it's too soon for af dip. Any input?

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Several different factors can affect BBT. Do you temp vaginally or orally? Vaginal temping is suppose to be alot more consistent. If you open your mouth while sleeping that can affect temps. Also room temperature, how much you move while sleeping (restless sleeper), and how much sleep you actually get before temping. Are you taking the temp at the same time every morning before moving at all??? Are you sure you O'd on the day you charted and are not O'ing late?? Sometimes your temp can slowly lower before taking the upward swing after O. I am not an expert but that is my two cents. Good luck!!!

5 years ago


Those temperature are all really close and I would not consider them a dip at all. Also, not everyone experiences an implantation dip. Good luck!

5 years ago

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