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Irregular Period + Spotting + Nausea + BFN = Confused :-/

I am 24 and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I have 27 day cycle and am fairly regular. For the last three months my cycle has varied much more than usual and I am having a hard time interpreting what is going on. On 8/29, I began a five day, heavy period which ended 9/2. Ovulation occurred anywhere between 9/10 and 9/16. BD twice during this time. On 9/19, I had three days of spotting followed by nausea that I am still experiencing today (10/15). I had outrageous acne (usually I have a fairly clear complexion) from 9/22 to 9/26. On 9/29, I started an extremely light period that lasted until 10/6 (my typical flow is 4-5 days max). Nausea and cramps continue throughout this time. BD twice during this extremely light flow. Pretty sure that I ovulated on 10/11. BD on 10/7 and 10/9. Since ovulating, I have been experiencing cramps that began on one side and now are on both sides. CM has not decreased, but has increased substantially and I have had four "globs" of bright white stri

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