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chakra05  8 years ago
17 DPO Can't Sleep at night !?


BabyBy1125  8 years ago
Started experiencing this 1dpo


Pancakes1  8 years ago
9dop, cannot SLEEP at night even if I am sleepy.




LoveItalia  8 years ago
been falling asleep earlier at night than usual but waking up every morning even earlier bc of dry mouth and hunger.


Jasmine1993  9 years ago
I'm on cd 10, I feel I o on cd 4, just today I was wide awake til 2am.


jaky_padr0916  9 years ago
at 3dpo-5dpo felt sleepy but today 6dpo not really


sonic19292  9 years ago
Since 5DPO been so tired during the day, Night time comes bam im wide awake, then wake up tired again x


kellymay20  9 years ago
Been tossing and turning all night last two days even though I'm up at 4am for work. You would think I would be passed out. 5-7dpo sleepless


Emmylou090911  9 years ago
I'm 6dpo and has this since around 3dpo.


Alishacolin  9 years ago
Fall asleep tired, toss and turn all night. Early morning wake ups around 5am, can't fall back asleep for an hour.Going on three days. 10dpo


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