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Meli_hopee  8 years ago
And I'm 9dpo today


Meli_hopee  8 years ago
Can't go to sleep until around anywhere from 2am-4am then I wake up early and can't sleep during the day either. Been like this since 4dpo


keyana14  8 years ago
i wake up later then usual. sleppy in the day with slight burst or ingergy & up at night? kinda werid




God's Choice  8 years ago
13dpo ve had 5 sleepless night


titas7  8 years ago
DPO 12. I have been sleepless since 3 dpo. I keep on turning and tossing. Wakeup at 3, 5, 7. My body increases in temp, too.


robsdoll23  8 years ago
Haven't been able to sleep a full night in 5 days :0( cd 36 no idea when I ovulated


LilLizzy1487  8 years ago
Whoops, I'm at 9dpo


LilLizzy1487  8 years ago
Past 3 nights, I've been waking up every 1/2-1 hour. Going back to sleep easily. Did this last time, when I had a CP.


praying4ourbean  8 years ago
The past 3 nights I have been falling asleep quick as really tired but keep waking up and can't get back to sleep.sweating alot aswel


michelley1001  8 years ago
10 dpo today and past 2 nights been falling asleep fine but then waking up hours later tossing & turning until my alarm goes off.


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