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Alibaba  7 years ago
14 dpo and miserable... especially after another negative test...


bfaith  7 years ago
11 dpo cried all day yesterday really sad


andreaj04  8 years ago
Feeling depressed, worried, irritable, uncomfortable...




FertileFlower  8 years ago
10dpo weepy and depressed. Definitely hormonal.


kennedy12  8 years ago
7 dpo


BabyStardust  8 years ago
15 DPO. Missing period caught me off guard completely. I've been very depressed and irritable. Is this an actual symptom?


ladyjones90  8 years ago
have cried for 2 days over dumbest things 9-10dpo


onelastwish28  9 years ago
feeling down in the dumps, lonely and wanting to cry. feeling extremely emotional


Mommy6  9 years ago
in4 dpo and I'm just sad and down in the dumps. I have no idea why. just depressed


MariTG  9 years ago
14dpo im so lonely feels iam always alone and depress


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