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Mrs.Jerome  10 years ago
11dpo...Not really feeling depressed too much today


Guest  10 years ago
YES! Very down today... glad to see this is normal for 9 dpo


nena31  10 years ago
4dpo, feeling very down and depressed. seeing other pregnant women happy with big bellies don't help with my dreams and goals.




Leleuluv25  10 years ago
Omgggg yesss yes yes I feel extremely dwn half the time even if im happy


Guest  10 years ago
im depressed and i am 8dpo :-) xx


Guest  11 years ago
10 dpo and 8 dpo I was so depressed and sure I wasn't pg that I wen tin the bathroom and bawled for 20 min.


Guest  11 years ago
I haven't confirmed pregnancy but I have been feeling very blue. I am normally very upbeat and I have been unusually down in the dumps.


Guest  11 years ago
Really...only one other person will admit to being depressed...


JenW83  11 years ago
I am 17 DPO, and I've had many BFNs. I'm depressed because I don't know what's going on. Am I, or aren't I? I just want to know.


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