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One Day Period?

I am so confused! My last regular period was 12/30/11. My cycle is approximately 35 days. My periods are always 4-5 days and the first two days are always really heavy (then the last two are a lighter flow).

I ovulated somewhere around the 19th of January (give or take a few days). AF was due February 3rd. It didn't come, I took several tests (all BFNs). AF showed up on February 5th (somewhere between 14 - 17dpo) around 4AM. Awful, awful cramps and heavy flow. *TMI* I noticed that the flow was more of a brown/light red color rather than dark or bright red. I went through 2-3 tampons in 6 hours. Then the next morning it was practically gone. I haven't used a tampon or liner since the 5th and while I'm still slightly spotting (brown color), there are no cramps or real bleeding.

What is going on?! Has anyone else had this happen? I don't think I am pregnant but I have never experienced anything like this before.

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I would make an appt with your dr if I were you.

6 years ago

Same thing happened to me this month. Its got me sooo confused. Idk what to think. I've NEVER had a period shorter than 4 days until this month. I really don't know what to think...

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6 years ago

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