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DHEA increases pregnancy rates studies say

new research has glowing reviews on DHEA as a supplement for pregnancy!!! (read below)

Make a comment if you took DHEA and what those results were!

Summary of DHEA data
The following is a summary of conclusions about CHRâ??s DHEA data, as we presented them at these events, and as we understand them to be reflected by the clinical experience we have witnessed so far in our patients:

>>DHEA increases in older women oocyte numbers to a statistically very significant degree.

>> DHEA also increases egg and embryo quality in older women to a statistically very significant way.

>> DHEA appears to increase pregnancy rates with IVF in older women; however, while we are observing a very strong trend towards significance for this finding, the data have not yet reached statistical significance.

>> We have observed preliminary evidence, which has not reached statistical significance, and needs to be viewed with extreme caution, that DHEA may reduce the degree of chromosomal abnormalities in eggs and embryos of older women. (See update below.)

>> In December 2010, we published a paper that confirms the above point. Through Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS), we were able to confirm that DHEA supplementation reduces chromosomal abnormalities (aneuploidy) in embryos. The greatest reduction in aneuploidy (about 22%) was observed in women on 4-12 weeks of DHEA supplementation prior to IVF.

We are, therefore, today in a position where we can state with considerable conviction that treatment with DHEA benefits older women, as reflected by their IVF- cycle outcomes. We have also considerable evidence, though not as much as in older women, that DHEA treatment has a similarly beneficial effect on younger women with prematurely aging ovaries.

>> We also confirmed the initial observation in our index patient that the effectiveness of DHEA usage peaks after approximately 4 months of use.

>> Moreover, we strongly suspect (though do not yet have absolute proof) that co-treatment with gonadotropins further amplifies the positive DHEA effect on the aging ovary.

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o la la
I need to see where I can get this!

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5 years ago

Please do your homework before posting things like this - DHEA can be harmful, too.

"Dosage Considerations
Experimenting with hormonal supplements is a bad idea. Do not take DHEA without a doctor's orders. There are many precautions involved with the use of DHEA, including the fact that there are no long-term studies regarding its safety, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. High dosages may be toxic and can cause masculinizing effects in women. The recommended dosage of DHEA for adult females 19 and older is 25 mg daily"

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5 years ago

There is a bad idea to consume DHEA supplement without consulting your GP.

1 year ago

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