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Can Fitbit track your heart rate to see if your pregnant

I’m due for af either today through Monday. My cycles have been off a few days the last couple of months. I’ve done some research on if your Fitbit heart rate tracker can tell if your pregnant. I don’t want to test yet. For almost 1 1/2 weeks my nipples have been sore even wearing a shirt hurts. I’ve been sleeping a lot, constantly tired, when I stretch it feels like my side of my lower stomach is pulling. I don’t want to waste the money on a test until I am officially late. What does everyone think? This picture is from the last three months.

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I have tried to figure this out also. I have figured out some personal patterns for myself. Typically, around ovulation (I'm assuming, I don't test for it) my overnight resting HR slowly starts to climb. Then about 4 days before I start my period there is a dip,only one or two beats per minute, then it stays exactly the same for 3 days and on that third day I start my period. The only times this has not happened since I have been watching HR out continued to climb... I was pregnant. Twice so far, and both ended in early miscarriages (Sept 2021 and April 2022). I love watching HR because I can't be unsure or do anything to change it.

I am curious this month. I should start tomorrow. I never got the dip but resting HR stayed same for past two days. I am curious what it will be in the morning. I would usually check and use it to decide if I should test. For example... If it stays the same a third day I would expect to start and not bother to test. Either way i test tomorrow because i am moving to another state and will be traveling far two weeks first... So if i am, I need was much time to figure out what to do as possible!

I would suggest looking back and compare what your resting HR was doing during certain posts of your cycle and see if you find any patterns in rises, dips, or staying the same. That's a great feature that you can look back over so many months. Good luck to you.

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