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8th Month TTC

I have lightly been TTC for 17 months. July 2021 started to get serious with OPKs. I have a pretty regular textbook cycle. Except I have super heavy bleeding and produce milk midway after ovulation ontop of cramping causing me pain. About 5 months using opks, I investigated vitex to manage the cyclical breast pain and milk production proceeding ovulation and went to bbt to pinpoint underlying thyroid issues. 2 months after taking vitex, the breast pain went away and the production dropped significantly. I also called clinics to start infertility workup as my bbt was super low. (35.90 before ovulation and coverline 36.10). I had an appointment the 27th of January where I was given paperwork for 3/4 day labs and 20-22 day labs. Imaging of complete pelvis and breasts ordered too. Dr advised to stay on vitex (month #3 starting) and a schedule of every other day starting on day 10 of cycle. OH had set up a SA for February too.
This month (#8) I am pretty sure I was sick with C*vid and had taken 2 weeks of mucinex religiously. I also used a menstrual cup (FLEX IS AWESOME!!!) and a new form of fertility lubricant (clean love as Pre seed was awful and sticky. Clean love has 0 smell, 0 residue, and my OH said it felt more natural than Pre seed). We did not follow Drs schedule. I think one day, day 12, we dtd 2xs. I ovulated later that month on CD 15 confirmed by bbt and opk but this cycle, I had TONS of EWCM. I honestly dtd when it felt right and left it at that. February 10th, I received a positive hpt after not feeling like myself. I was on a trip and I love planes. This plane ride as awful and I was super dizzy. I also was in training for work and had to do a physical where it included running. My energy levels during that run tanked and I got dizzy too afterwards.
Well, no imaging or bloodwork is required now and I'm cautiously waiting until March 24th to see a flickering heartbeat and little small embryo with 2 arms and 2 legs. Hpt's are getting darker and that makes me happy.

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After 6 years TTC with MFI number 1 was born December 12 2018

2 years ago

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