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Has COVID-19 changed your TTC plans??

We are in our official 2nd month trying to conceive, before everything got shut down my OB gave us the good to go after our 2nd trimester loss back in September, so I personally couldn’t imagine having to hold off on TTC even longer when this 6 months has been the longest, so we are not waiting, just wondering how everyone else feels?!?

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Hi there! Firstly I wanna say how sorry I am for you loss. I cannot imagine what you went through and I really hope you get your rainbow very very soon.
I find my self being worried at this times since no one knows how is gonna be after all this with our jobs and everything but on the other hand I’m thinking about the previous generations that raised amazing kids (our parents and grandparents) during wars and pandemics.. I believe it will be hard for a while but not as hard. I hope I’m not wrong. I still ttc and my plans aren’t changing since this is the only thing I’m wishing for for so long. I will do anything to raise my family if I will be blessed enough to have one. So yea.. Personally I’m not changing my plans.
I hope you’ll be having your bfp soon and after all this ends you’ll be safe, healthy and to continue you life from where you left it!

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4 years ago • Edited

Thank you! I love your thoughts about it! And yes the job thing is the only thing that scares me, I’ve been laid off for at least 3 months but my hubby is still working, and we have a lot saved up so I’m not too worried at the moment

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My husband and I are trying still trying. Uncertainty all around. One thing Ive learned is no matter how hard or long we try, I believe it happens when its suppose to happen. People have had babies and raised children in much harder and scarier times! Take this down time to destress and baby dance a Bunch!!!


4 years ago

I'm all for it, however hubby has decided to take a small step back from TTC. See, I have two amazing kids (DS/DD) and my body is longing to want another child. My top is 3 and that's it. So hubby and I talked and he agrees. He then tells me a few days later that, "now is not a good time to have a baby. Other than that, I'm all in. Wait till it all slowly dies down and we are allowed to socialize." His defense is that with all the doctor office visits/hospitals (serious/checkups) your putting yourself and baby at risk. I work in a hospital and I'm still working. Sadly my workload has died way down and now there's risk of deployment or possibly laid off. Pretty stressed out to say the least. Wish this pandemic will go away already and we can mend life as we know it. This disease is going to change how we think and how we react around family/friends once all this is finally over. Heard it could take up to two years. #staysafeoutthere

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