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Tomorrow is 6 dpo and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IM GOING TO MAKE IT TO 10-12 FOR AN ABSOLUTE ANSWER???? this is month S I X. He’s only 23 and I’m 21, it’s so hard having not conceived yet when we should be SO fertile. He does have this thing called varicocele (An inflamed vein in his b*lls) that has the POTENTIAL to cause infertility and I’ve been tentatively diagnosed with pcos in the past (she wasn’t entirely confident in the diagnosis though) so those could play roles in the infertility to this point. This month, we baby danced every day leading up to my estimated ovulation and the day after, a few days even using pre seed for the first time just for good luck. We just want this so bad and it’s so hard to wait for our miracle. If you have any advice to aid in fertility OR for the dreaded tww please throw it my way. Or if you just have a pre seed success story or SOMETHING, ANYTHING to lift my spirits, let me know.

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I just ordered preseed... I've heard great things about it! I'm 35 and going into my 10th attempt ttc for this baby. The tww never gets easier. Just. Stay. Busy. It's hard. Every month I start testing at 8dpo and wasting money amd bawling every day.
Just don't. Just wait for AF so you only have to be let down once. Let's see if I take my own advice.

While I conceived my 2nd daughter BD'ing every day in my fertile window, "they say" every other day is best. Otherwise he may not be building up a good sperm count. Worth a shot.

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8 months ago

Has he looked into a repair?


8 months ago

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