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Success story

PCOS Success story

Hello Ladies... so heres my success story! Hope you all enjoy it! I'm tearing as I'm typing this out...

So, I am 30 turning 31. When I was 19 a Sonar showed my left ovary had 12 cysts on it, and the right had 8 or 9 cysts on it. Can't remember exactly! I was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin resistance back then, took metformin and stopped. Went to multiple Dr's etc and they all said my chances are slim for conception due to my ovaries health and what not.

in 2014 I met a man who I have been dating up to current. I love him to bits... He knows I am infertile etc. We never bothered using protection. I never fell pregnant..
In 2016 i fauled 6 cycles of fertility medication. One Being Clomid, the other being Fertomid (Generic). I was told I needed to go to a specialist.

In 2019 2 months ago (September) I felt wierd and was told i have high blood pressure.. And so i need to go get my hormones checked at the Ob/Gyn as my GP said he thinks that caused it, and the OB will know better. Got treatment for high blood pressure and my gynae wanted to check if I'd ovulate now. I explained the failed fertomid tests and clomid tests, but he figured he would encourage me anyway with controlling my blood pressure as a first measure.

It's November now. October my Ob/GYN did a scan and could not find a single cyst on ether of my ovaries. Both were crystal clear, with the biggest cyst measuring 0.6mm in size. I was shocked and dumbfounded. I explained the PCOS which I had been diagnosed with and he was baffled. He did say Glucophage could have contributed to removing the cysts over the years and normalising things a bit.

Before we could get to the fertility try again, I felt off. Something was not quite right. I was vomitting in the mornings but had negative pregnancy tests. Told my OB GYN about it and he said to wait till the 4th of November. I must have bought 10 - 12 tests of various brands. The first one was negative.


(I have a 35 - 42 day cycle)

CD 29 - Faint line but disregarded it and thought its the brand of test.. it was cheap
CD 30 - Faint line but needed to squint, ghost, tweak the test and still negative
CD31 - Different brand of test, more sensitive and expensive (Blue dye) Faint line. Assumed it was the blue dye fad that leaves evap lines
CD 32 - Same as yesterdays test.. Definitely a line not to squint at
CD 33 - Sensitive test.. darker line.. is it a positive?
CD 34 (14-16DPO) - Clear Blue plus - Faint Positive

Started driving myself mad thinking i am seeing things and was in terrible denial. Went back to ob gyn and he said to do blood tests. Did a sonar and he said he sees a thickening of the endometrium as in early pregnancy but will not conclude it till bloods are back, and a possible tiny gestational sac of 1.6mm.

I was in shock... how could i be pregnant?

CD 35 - Snapped and bought a clear blue Digital - POSITIVE 1 -2!!!!

Blood results came back. HGC was 45 on the friday, and 131 on the Sunday (48 hours after the first blood)

I am now 6 weeks pregnant with my first child at 30 years old! I am in shock, in awe, and totally emotional over all of this! Ladies, nothing can prepare you for the first BFP you get. Hang in there! There is hope! Continue with Glucophage. I pray and hope it makes the difference to you all that it made for me. I am blessed to say I have 2 hearts beating inside me right now.

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Oh I am so so thrilled for you!!! Enjoy every minute!!!!

8 months ago

Congratulations! I also have PCOS and fell pregnant the second month i was on Metformin after trying for almost a year. I'm 41 and currently 19w5d!!

8 months ago

A specialist in pcos once told me that actually it can be easier to get pregnant after 30, as your hormones start to normalize a bit and you get weaker symptoms. I always had cyst before and they became better after 30 too.

7 months ago

I am 35 with PCOS and endometriosis. Got pregnant on cycle one of metformin!

4 months ago

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