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2WW is killing me... 7DPO

So... my signs and symptoms are more or less as follows: (5DPO is really very unusual and confusing)

I am on CD 21 today.

Ovulation Day: CD 15/16/17??
Pos OPK CD 16-17
Medication: Fertomid 50mg CD 5 - 9
Condition: PCOS
Average: 32 - 35 Day cycle
Notes: 1 Confirmed MC 2 years ago on Chlomid cycle at 10.2 weeks, one unconfirmed.


3DPO : Slight queeziness, horrible hanging headache
4 DPO: Headache still there, Breasts feel tender, really tired. Noticed thick lotiony CM on undies. Cervix and uterus have dull cramps
5 DPO: Sharp shooting pains in boobs similar to an electric burning jolt toward the centre???? Strong enough to give me goosebumps and take my focus off of what I am doing. Wth! Hungry. ALL. THE. TIME... tired. Dull cramps
6DPO: Boobs hurt, getting zits in odd places. Hungry, nervous, emotional, queezy again. Bought nausea tabs. Flank pain? Still have white CM even when checking with fingers. tired still.
7DPO: Almost puked this morning. Took nausea tab. White CM still there. Tender Bbs. Flank pain near my side and back. Just want to eat the whole day.

Anyone else had this? What did it turn out to be?

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Hey lady, let's be TWW buddies. I'm either 5DPO or 7DPO. I'm not having many symptoms but the usual progesterone symptoms fatigue and mild cramps but I did have a mild acne breakout but I just contributed it to taking these biotin vitamins I just started. I have been congested and have a slight nose drip but other than that nothing that really sticks out like pregnancy symptoms. When do you plan to test?

5 months ago

Hey. Sure thing! Not sure how you add other people on here. Sounds good. My ob gym said I should test on CD 31. Still over a week away for me! How about you? I'm dpo 8 or 9 today I think.

5 months ago • Edited • Post starter

Another few symptoms I noticed today is that I have really thick white cm (leukorrhea). Not much on my undies, but when checking internally it sort of globbed on the outside of my hand too (tmi sorry). But real lotion and white. I don't usually get this but don't always pay attention.

This morning I was sitting by the window enjoying the breeze and it kept feeling like I'm getting a nipple stand. But when I checked, there wasn't one. Just this odd tingly sensation similar to when you do get one. It stopped about 2 hours ago.

Other than that, I have very mild cramps where it feels like my left and right ovaries are. And some slight lower back pain earlier.

5 months ago • Post starter

So, I caved and tested this morning ladies. It was negative . I'm either 8DPO or 10DPO

5 months ago

I'm also about to cave. Don't give up yet! Wait till 12 dpo then test. Otherwise wait for late AF. My first pregnancy was a Mc 2 years ago and at 10.2 weeks the HPTs were still negative.

It only came out very bright positive the day of the mc! So id missed AF by like over a month. Don't give in just yet. You're not out until AF COMES! I'm trying not to cave as I went and bought 3 HPTs this afternoon. Don't want to be disappointed but sooo tempted. I think I'll wait till CD 31 if AF doesn't show like gyn said.

Remember, implantation only happens between 6 and 12 days after O. So HPTs will most likely Be neg at this point! Keep me updated!

5 months ago • Post starter

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