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Latest someone got their BFP?

Ladies how late did it take for you to get your BFP? I’m now 9 days late. I took a test at 4 days late that I thought was negative but the line hasn’t gotten any darker. I’m waiting on blood test results from my doc now. With my son, I was three weeks late before I got a BFP so maybe I am just prone to getting late positives, but I thought every pregnancy was different.

Just would make me feel better to hear some of yalls experiences, and congratulations to anyone who has gotten their BFP!

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My blood test came back negative they said if I still don’t have AF by the end of next week to come back in to get checked again. My TSH levels were fine the only thing was my iron was a little low so no clue as to any other reason I’d be late. With my son, I was three weeks late before I got my positives and my doc knows this so hopefully I either start AF or I have a shy bean! Hope you get your BFP here soon, I know waiting is not fun! :(

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Hey ladies I just wanted to give you guys an update as usually people don’t update these and then they aren’t helpful :) anyways, at 35 days late I finally got a positive test. My pregnancy has been confirmed by my doctors office and my first OB visit is on August 30th. However, I am only around 3-4 weeks along so at the time of this post I was not pregnant. I missed one cycle then got pregnant the very next cycle before I could ever get my period. The EXACT same thing happened with my son, literally verbatim so maybe that’s just how my body works, but I hope someone finds this helpful! I also think it’s important to note that I got pregnant in July, when my husband was away for the marines for 2 1/2 weeks out of the month and my ovulation date was meant to occur while he was away so we had decided not to even try that month, and it’s the month I ended up pregnant. I think me not stressing and worrying over trying actually helped me to get pregnant and I must have ovulated late. So don’t stress too much ladies, and baby dust to all! ??

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I feel like I’m you 4 days prior please update cause I’m at a loss of how to proceed out side of a blood test tues.

Fingers crossed for a shy little ????

12 months ago

I've never tested early with my other pregnancies. I have had a very watery mouth the last few days and I"m on CD 27 day of expected period with all negative test could I still be pregnant

11 months ago

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