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March 2020 Lucky Charm Babies

I began my 12th cycle of TTC this go around, for child number 1
My journey to motherhood has been a long and crazy one. Since I was 18 years of age, I have been NTNP (secretly hoping for a baby) and nothing in 2011 I was finally married and began the real TTC journey but after a year it ended with me leaving my ex husband and no child. Not the reason I left it was because of abuse. So,, in 2014 my NTNP journey began again but after 4 years nothing and the guy I was with knocked someone else up. So, a year went by and finding someone to be with at the age of 34 got hard but I finally found him June 23rd 2018. We have been TTC since July 2018. I really am hoping we will receive news of a MARCH baby. I am on CD 3 and blood work has been completed finally my AMH, Estradiol, FSH. Last cycle it was suppose to be done but they goof and only did vit D, thyroid, A1C, and prolecta. I should be Oing around my anniversary weekend and really hoping for us to catch the eggie and put an end to this part of the journey. 35 years old and was hoping to be a mom before 36 even though now that means a pregnant mom at this point.

Looking for ladies to share the journey with, took sometime away from here but feeling the need to talk with others again.
If I O like it says I should my EDD should be between March 14th-17th.
Here's to this being my Lucky Month.

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CD 7 and I just woke from a dream my baby sis, who doesn't want kids told me she was pregnant it was a very detail dream. She told me first , then her dad in an elaborate way with a puzzle she made, then our mom in a very similar way, then her bf in another elaborate way of racing cars opening hidden caves with the news of him going to be a father. Even the date was very clear March 11th as her due date. I can remember me feeling hurt because I was trying and she was not. All I could say to her was i hope our kids could be close together. Then I woke up. Everytime I dream of someone being pregnant I end up finding out they are, or If I dream of pregnancy in general. Someone I know ends up sharing news of being pregnant. I really hope this does not mean my baby sis, shes not wanting kids her bf is not ready either. Just yesterday she complain about their relationship and how she was only given him till the end of the year to start getting his act together.

Ugh this makes me feel so sick right now.

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Well, all labs are in normal range.
estradiol 30.6
AMH 2.83
FSH 5.8
Video 48.5
Still dont have a plan. The RN said it would be Monday before I hear back about a follow up. So, still just dont know why I can't get pregnant.

And of course my mom says work on your stress and just relax.
My boss tells me to stay on my head.

Not something you really want to hear when you have unexplained fertility.

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11 days ago • Post starter

Decisions are hard. The RN told me the doctor wants me to try Clomid next cycle since my window for this cycle was missed. However, I ovulate, my hormones are all in normal range and I have read Clomid can actually thin your uterus lining which needs to be 8<mm in thickness for implantation. I am suppose to call them back today to let them know If i want to try that route.

I really dont think I want to do that. I'm already trying Ovaboost to help with my "old" eggs and I have only been on it for a month and half. I bought some Concieve Plus to try since i really do not get EWCM. I think I may try this for 3 months if by the end of summer I still do not have a BFP, Iwill use my referral from my SO's doc for a RE.

My mom tells me my stress is my worst enemy. On top of all that, I found out yesterday my best friends baby sis is pregnant and due in Dec with a little girl. So my dream of my baby sis being pregnant could have been preempting the news of this. Because when I dream of pregnancy I always found out someone I know is pregnant.

Ladies. I guess this is more of my journal space since other boards have more action and no responses to this one. I originally started a TTC#1 board but it quickly went to rest. In 2011 when I was TTC the first time around, this site was a little more happening.

Good luck to all and hoping your dreams come true.

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Bug ask your doc for Letrozole (Femera) instead of clomid. It doesn't thin your lining and supposedly works better for PCOS. That's what i took this cycle.

7 days ago

I did ask the RN about that but she did not seem to think that is something the Doc would give me. Must not have a contract with the RX company.

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Hi! Currently in my 18th month TTC #4. I'm currently CD18. I got a positive OPK yesterday afternoon. EDD will be around March 9, 2020 if I conceive. I'm classified as Unexplained Secondary Infertility. I did Clomid/trigger shot March, April, and May. In May we also did IUI that medicated cycle.... Not one BFP... We plan to go back to my fertility specialist by the end of the year if not pregnant... I'll be 34yo in January. So my biological clock is ticking!

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7 days ago

Nicole I'm sorry you havent gotten your BFP. I know what you mean about biological clock ticking turning 36 in December and not one pregnancy ever. I am waiting on O. I still have 4 to 5 days before it happens typically. CD 13 and normal O is around CD18-20.

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CD 18 and got my peak positive today. O today or tomorrow. Welcomed a new critter into the Quinn Clan. Salty Sarge the schnauzer. He's going to keep me and my SO on our toes. We celebrate our 1 year anniversary so hoping we caught the eggie this time. It would be a great late anniversary present. I cant wait to see my SO as a parent hes treating Salty Sarge like a kid. we caught the eggie.

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