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Ttc after loss... starting clomid.

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I am starting clomid tomorrow due to trying for 6 months at 41 and not conceiving. I check opk and temp. So I get positives and temp shifts.

My last pregnancy was a spontaneous unmedicated frat twins, that were triplets. I started bleeding so I thought I was miscarrying that's when they told me I was miscarrying one and two had heartbeats. I gave birth to boy girl twins this past October and sadly my son passed at 5 weeks from RSV.

I am not getting any younger so we started this journey out of grief. No judgement no lectures please.

Here is the crux:
We r starting low at 50mg starting day 4-8. Anyone have a similar history for guidance. I just dont know if lightening will strike twice with twins or if I will even conceive with older eggs.
Thanks in advance ladies

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@zanfelhor hows the tww I just cant wait to get to 12dpo so that I can test. praying for you hun

Praying for a

1 year ago

Took a hpt very faint pos frer. Have had false pos b4. 9/10 dpo today. So I will test with cbed tomorrow. I have been nauseous and vomited today.

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Got a bfp 6 weeks ago

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Congratulations zanfelhor! Thanks for coming back and updating with your goodnews. I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

12 months ago

@zenflehor - i just wanted to say that i'm sorry for your losses. I'm also 41 and got a BFP around 6 weeks ago so our EDD must be close (mine is 4/3/2020). I'm going back today for my 8 week U/S and i'm petrified. I have a history of early loss and no live births and we've also been going down the fertility treatment path (although this BFP was natural). Good luck to you!

12 months ago

Lissa sorry for u as well. My history kinda forces them to do ultrasound every 2 weeks until my progesterone levels are stable

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