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Conceiving after birth control

Looking for some encouragement and to vent a bit. Have been on a bit of a bumpy road the last couple months. I got married in April and hubby and I decided I would stop taking birth control at end of June. I had been on it without any type of break for about 8 years. My first 2 cycles off of it were normal, 28 days and then 27. Then September we went on our honeymoon, AF was a week late that month and I thought for sure I was pregnant. Turned out to be just a long cycle at 36 days. My last cycle ended up being 33 days. I went to the OB/GYN on 10/31 (AF came the very next day) for my normal annual and told her everything that has been happening. She did some blood work. Mostly it was to check for PCOS, though I don’t really have any of the outward symptoms of it. Got the results yesterday and my hormones were all normal except my progesterone suggested that I didn’t ovulate this month. She thinks that it could be stress related and/or it could be my body still trying to adjust after the BC. Either way, it wasn’t exactly the news I wanted to here. I’m worried that being on BC for so long has screwed things up. I’m worried that I will continue to not ovulate. I’m hoping that maybe some of you ladies can give me some of your stories that can put my mind at ease. I know worrying and stressing over it won’t help, but of course it is difficult not to.

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I went back onto bc when I had my son, continued that 4 years. Went off bc when trying to concieve my daughter took 3 cycles to become regular and then a further 3 months to concieve her so don't worry it may take a bit but you should be okay, if you've not had any luck for 12 months go and see your gp.
I've recently stopped bc to concieve my 3rd.

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2 years ago

Congrats on getting married!

I used to have irregular cycles, so my doctor recommended that I try something called inositol. It is a vitamin that women with PCOS take to help their ovulation. I don't have PCOS, but it sure helped me. Inosital helps improve your insulin resistance, which helps your hormone levels, which then in turn helps you ovulate, ovulate regularly, and have better quality eggs. I started it at the beginning of my cycle and Af immediately was less heavy and over faster. My cycles started being like clockwork every time. O on cd 17 and AF on cd 31. After a few cycles I got pregnant.

I wouldn't worry about your cycle right now. It does take a body time to get used go not having the artificial hormones. That said, there are things you can try if you're impatient.

Best of luck.

2 years ago

Thank you. Yes she recommended I take the myo-inositol supplement as well which I will be getting in a couple days. At this point she hasn’t diagnosed me with PCOS which is good, but it’s just frustrating that my cycles have been so irregular cause then it’s difficult to predict when ovulation will occur. I’m definitely impatient and discouraged. I just hope my body starts to regulate.

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I feel like it's still pretty soon and its probably going to take a bit to regulate i know its frustrating waiting but when i got off it took 7 months and i finally had a decent cycle and ovulated and got pregnant. Month after Month i was disappointed

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2 years ago

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