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When do i start period after delivery? Could I be preg again?

Had my baby December 15, 2017
Regular period January 19th when do I come on again? I'm not breastfeeding.

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It varies from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy. With my son I didn’t have a period for 6 months after. With my daughter I had a period 28 days after delivery.

24 days ago

Okay thank you for your reply. I will just wait lol

23 days ago • Post starter

Lol I never got mine again... but that's normal for me. I don't have Periods at all. I don't ovulate, I get the LH surge, I get EWCM but no actual ovulation. So I had my son and 3yrs later we started for baby #2 and went on Provera to get my period and started IVF again. Like the others said, it varies woman to woman, pregnancy to pregnancy.

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23 days ago

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