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Does anyone have nicknames for the little one-to-be before knowing a gender or picking a name?

I was going to call it "baby bear" because my hubby's nickname is bear.... but last night he was talking to my stomach and patted it and said, "I am naming you Goopy. Daddy loves you, Goopy! Be good to Mommy!"

When I asked why he is calling it Goopy, he said, "Because it's a big goopy mess of cells right now."

I swear I already live with a two year old when I get answers like that.

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Awwww Goopy! Bless :) Thats so cute!

My bump is Boot - Im 23 weeks so I know we have a little boy in there. Boot because all the little boots he gives :)
Am sure they wont be little for much longer though as im 23 weeks! hehe

for you and Goopy :) xxx

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5 years ago

Boot is cute!!!

Thanks for the good wishes, Goopy gave us a scare this morning... a bunch of bleeding and we went to the ER. Saw the sac, but it is too early to see much of anything else. I go back in 2 days to check my beta levels. Blood has stopped so I am just trying to take it easy.

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