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Scared to test...

It's that time of the month, still no AF, but I'm too scared to test. I absolutely hate that bfn, it makes me feel like my body turned against me. That I'm a little crazy for imagining symptoms, and like I wasted money on a pregnancy test. Anyone 14 dpo and testing today and wants to test with me? Or should I wait longer... Ahhh...

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I am not testing today. HOWEVER I completly know what you are going through. Those BFN are like a knife in the heart. I think you should test today. Unless you ovulated later than normal. I am here for ya!

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5 years ago

I feel you too! I am 12 dpo and having all sorts of symptoms (pretty much the same ones that I have every month that make me think I am pg, but feel stupid with that bfn) I have usually started testing, but this cycle I have been trying my best not to obsess. I even decided that I was going to quit TTC, that it was just too hard emotionally. Yet, here I am again..... thinking of nothing else than if I should test or not. And if I do, will I be strong enough to deal with a negative. Good luck to you! I have a feeling that you are going to test, of course I have a feeling that I am going to buy one before the day is up. I'll be praying for you...

5 years ago

I broke down and tested last night. Bfn... So I was pretty sure - tested again today! Got a bfp- still in shock! Thanks ladies! Hopefully you guys get bfp's soon too!

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I'm also 14dpo and too scared to test! This is my 3rd Clomid cycle and I was SO sure the last two cycles that I was pregnant... don't know if I can bear being wrong again!

5 years ago

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