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What women are saying

Decreased Acne

Nanook  2 years ago
I think I'm 21 dpo, about a week ago my progesterone level indicated ovulation, but BFN so far. I usually have bad acne now, but clear!


swarna85  3 years ago
8 dpo and no acne so far I usually break out badly... fingers crossed


BlueDoes  4 years ago
7DPO to current (11) normally I break out about 2-3 days before AF. I'm a day late..but BFN




msladyt330  4 years ago
12dpo my period due tomorrow normally my face would be broken out badly its not 1 bump in sight I'm shocked hope this is my time :)


Burtstequila1st@  4 years ago
Yes's 10 & yes


Nanook  5 years ago
17 dpo. I have a terrible break out every af, but my skin is clear and no af, but bfn :-/


hillinamanda  5 years ago
12dpo no acne break out but normally I would hopen this is it


LavandaarGuitar  5 years ago
9dpo My face should be broken out if my period were coming... But it's not! :)


wakeup79  5 years ago
0dpo its lookig great!! #ttc


Wanna have baby dust  6 years ago
my skin was never a problem , it was alwz clear and is still new 16 dpo


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