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PhDgirl  6 years ago
I always have at least one hug zit at 10dpo and I have absolutely nothing right now. Skin is glowing and clear. Maybe a BFP by 14 dpo??


loveballet87  7 years ago
I usually have a facefull of acne. 12dpo and my skin is beautiful! If my hpt is positive I love pregnancy so far! ^_^


Jooli82  7 years ago
no usual bump on my chin~ hoping for a BFP sometime this week~ 11dpo today!




domsmom1026  7 years ago
Normally get 1 or 2 large pimples. Got nothing!! Skin seems super clear!! AF due tomorrow!


RysinnsMama  7 years ago
im 10dpo & AF is due in 2 days & by now i should be broken out like crazy but nothing, no acne when prg w/ son either


tanzi.farhan  7 years ago
i am 4 dpo and no more acnes here :) is it a good sign?


ladiedi1980  7 years ago
I normally get hugh craters on my face but so far nothing at 13 dpo.


unheardletters  7 years ago
I usually get acne with ovulation, but I haven't yet at 4 DPO. I'm wondering what's happening.


Guest  8 years ago
usually i get acne the week before my period starts,but nothing yet...


Mrs.Jerome  8 years ago
11dpo...I have acne before my period and my face is clearing!!!yaaah


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