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Decreased Acne

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ivfbabyx2  8 years ago
i normally have acne all over my fore head but i havent any and im 9dpo


Guest  8 years ago
I usually hv acne problem but now 10 dpo my face looks fresh...!!!


Guest  8 years ago
10 dpo, have been breaking out for the past few days and woke up this morning all cleared up... has made me second guessing my pregnancy :(




sgipson11  8 years ago
10 DPO...Ive been struggling lately with some acne but it has all of a sudden cleared up


mandib  8 years ago
11dpo and my skin on my face, back, and shoulders look great. Woke up with two pimples today, but for me thats nothing!


chelsearom  9 years ago
I had an acne break out from 3 DPO- 9 DPO (Which is so too early for PMS) and now at 10 DPO its all gone!


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