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Sharp/Stabbing Pains

kmiller92  10 months ago
sharp stabbing pains, headache on today


OhBoyOrGirl  2 years ago
Sharp stabbing feeling off & on from 5-6dpo on both sides of pelvis area leading into lower backache now 8dpo not feeling good either..


OhBoyOrGirl  5 years ago
10dpo feeling quick stabbing & pulling on left side some twinges also..




lats2810  5 years ago
I just felt sharp stabbing pain at upper left abdomen along with burning sensation. I have 10 dpo


AnAngelsMom  5 years ago
Sharpe pain (lasted a quick second) @ 10DPO resulted in a negative HCG blood test


sunnyflower  6 years ago
Sharp, stabbing pain on my right side at 10 dpo made me sit up halfway in bed and say ow!


Stevieraigh  6 years ago
Been having sharp stabbing pains mostly on my left side ovary area since 2dpo. Off and on all day am now 5dpo and still having it


DiabeticDiaries  6 years ago
Very Sore nipples, Pelvic Cramps, extreme fatigue for two days. Im cd23


MissShorty0312  6 years ago
Since 3 DPO I'm 4 DPO Been Having A Sharmp Pain On My Left Side I Ovulated On My Right Side..I'm Having It Now


Jupiter  6 years ago
sharp pain today in my uterus, 8DPO, made my jump and just lasted for a second or two


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