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Cramps (Not PMS/AF)

genevieve shelton  3 months ago
Had cramps in lower urterus area and lower back for three days.. then stopped yesterday today have cramps again in same area


crunchyadventurer  1 year ago
6 DPO, very light bleeding today. TMI!!! I use a diva cup and when I pulled it out it was a string of cm tinted red/pink. Low central cramps


Lconnolly  1 year ago
Been having mild cramping since 5DPO. It definitely doesn't feel like AF cramping.




beaedghill  1 year ago
At 4dpo had peruod like cramps. At 5dpo that morning received a huge temp shift.


mistycosme@gmail.com  2 years ago
My husband and I had tlc In the night after orgasmn I got really bad cramps for like 3 mins... 14 dpo is this normal


KaDiraBaby  2 years ago
I'm 12 dpo, been cramping since 6 dpo when implantation happened. Nothing painful, just a light fluttering and slight twinge.


kreep13  2 years ago
cramping was like nothing I've felt before. pinching/pricks started at 6dpo ended 8dpo. 10dpo now I just have dull cramps.


LilyLight  2 years ago
10dpo. Constant mild cramping across lower tummy. Gets worse when I lay down, making me feel a bit nauseated.


Anxiousme  2 years ago
Cramping at 9 dpo today...yesterday it was at the central lower abdomen...today it has shifted to right ovary position


Mummyonemorexo   2 years ago
Been achy in joints since 7dpo backache from 456 dpo on n off 89dpo


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