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Cramps (Like PMS/AF)

Ava0505  6 months ago
7dpo evening and 8dpo all day cramping similar to pms cramps. Woke up with the pain. Unusual to experience on cd22, normally only on cd 27/2


STL-Allyn  8 months ago
6 dpo, cramping this morning then pink brown discharge this afternoon.


amieecolvin89  9 months ago
Day 2 of brown spotting. I am starting have mild uncomfortable cramps and I am 13dpiui




babyhope15  10 months ago
I'm 8dpo and since yesterday I am having sore boobs. today spotted a little.it was pinkish then brown discharge. I have some cramps also.


NicoleMaz  10 months ago
8 dpo,cramping since yesterday also spotted brownish discharge.pain feels like im on my period.


GemStone2907  11 months ago
13dpo, another bfn test this morning, still getting cramps and pressure feeling, but probably AF on way


Lconnolly  11 months ago
13 dpo have dull cramping similar to AF, so disappointed. I have a feeling she's on her way. Trying not to get my hopes up another month.


OhBoyOrGirl  12 months ago
Still cramping since my last period.. Im 14-15dpo cramps bad. Just like pms


Omosha  1 year ago
9th april 13dpo AF came while my due date for AF is 11th April.I didn't know why it comes so earlier


Omosha  1 year ago
11dpo cramps under lower abdomen,AF isn't due until 11th.could it sign of pregnancy?


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