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Cramps (Like PMS/AF)

OhBoyOrGirl  1 year ago
12dpo no cramps, no heavy feeling in my vagina. Nothing!


Amirah101  3 years ago
I am 13dpo and im having this pain cramps like aunt flo and sharp cramps also I have no idea of what it means. Maybe im prego or just a peri


Ava0505  4 years ago
7dpo evening and 8dpo all day cramping similar to pms cramps. Woke up with the pain. Unusual to experience on cd22, normally only on cd 27/2




STL-Allyn  4 years ago
6 dpo, cramping this morning then pink brown discharge this afternoon.


amieecolvin89  4 years ago
Day 2 of brown spotting. I am starting have mild uncomfortable cramps and I am 13dpiui


babyhope15  4 years ago
I'm 8dpo and since yesterday I am having sore boobs. today spotted a little.it was pinkish then brown discharge. I have some cramps also.


NicoleMaz  4 years ago
8 dpo,cramping since yesterday also spotted brownish discharge.pain feels like im on my period.


GemStone2907  4 years ago
13dpo, another bfn test this morning, still getting cramps and pressure feeling, but probably AF on way


Lconnolly  4 years ago
13 dpo have dull cramping similar to AF, so disappointed. I have a feeling she's on her way. Trying not to get my hopes up another month.


OhBoyOrGirl  4 years ago
Still cramping since my last period.. Im 14-15dpo cramps bad. Just like pms


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