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Increased Saliva

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LifeLoves44  4 years ago
I think I am 10-12 DPO and I was spitting in the shower this morning....


Marygc  4 years ago
This was literally the first sign I had that I was pregnant, around 7dpo I guess. I salivated so much while eating and not at the corners.


pinkmonkee  4 years ago
6dpo increased saliva all day ttc#2 had this in 1st pregnancy




angiegirl189  4 years ago
I had no clue this was a sign. I have very thick saliva and have for about two days now. 5 dpo


SamRoseK  4 years ago
been choking on saliva ALOT recently because theres extra


Achoti  5 years ago
Have had increase saliva since 7DPO, but not drooling in my sleep. Only when awake. Currently 10DPO and BFN this morning.


mummy2three  5 years ago
7dpo new symptom ttc 3rd child


mrsp167  5 years ago
I have been drooling a lot when i sleep; nothing other than that.


beezle  5 years ago
8dpo just noticed today swallowing a lot very moist in there :/




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