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Abd110  7 years ago
I got 2 thick pink lines. It looks like positive but I took another brand test and it was negative. So I bought another u check test a day later and this time it was negetI've. I really don't think the u check test is reliable!


RavenMama   8 years ago
It's cheep so it has that going for it but it also can give dome crazy bad EVPs so just keep that in mind when you take this tes.


lexiettcbby1  8 years ago
I got a positive at 11dpo without FMU. Very cheap and effective.




mama2princesses  10 years ago
I bought the U Check STRIPS from the 99 cents only store. All 3 had diff expiry dates. The site says they are sensitive to 20 units. My blood beta showed 24 and I got a neg. 2 days later I just took one and it has THE faintest line I've ever seen... yet all the other tests have decent lines


ZoeLove  11 years ago
I have never had an evap on one, its either stark white negative or positive! I think they work great you just have to wait til past 10 dpo


CrystalMom2BoysTTC3  11 years ago
Nothing but evaps that looked like positives to me, so got my hopes up. Confirmed with a FR 6 Days Sooner that I was NOT pregnant... these evaps were thick and had color, so I thought they were positive when they were not :(


mommy090910  11 years ago
i wont use these again ,i had a positive for 20 mins and it went neg


Jessika  11 years ago
I took one today at 11dpo and the control line showed up dark and the whole other side was light pink, what could that mean?


Aashley1  11 years ago
Tested one day before af was due and it was positive confirmed with expensive brand on same day and it was also positive. I am now 5 weeks :)


desertgirl  12 years ago
I finally found the HCG sensitivity. On the box it is 25 m/IU and on the manufacter website its 20 m/IU . Manufacter is Sci International (


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