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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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desertgirl  8 years ago
So far this test has been acurate, but I wish I knew the sensitivity. Other tests openly publish this information.


Blonditsmama  9 years ago
took one from savealot ..wasnt even first morning urine dark positive and i am indeed preg no need to buy expensive :)


Guest  9 years ago
i have always used em and always have been accurate :)




Guest  9 years ago
Used it the day AF was expected, and got a positive after 1min. Pain in the butt trying to hit the urine in the hole but other than that liked it. Also the sensitivity is 25


Guest  9 years ago
hey i tok dis est today dis morining n i have bad eyeysz so da negaive was really dark n der was a faint line in da postive area am im prego???


Guest  9 years ago
i have a question i took the test and it had two lines touching one another does that mean it is positive because on the instruction it has the lines seperated if its positive


mandapanda23  9 years ago
i dont like them that much


Tito'swifey  9 years ago
I don't believe is 25 ml


VanTom  9 years ago
cheap, reliable, acuurate and fast results.


mickella  9 years ago
It showed positive after 10 minutes.


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