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staceegeee  7 years ago
Took One Step Pregnancy Test 8dpo...i know its early...but i still got a very faint positive (which makes me think the test is inaccuarate or my OD was earlier then I thought...either way I liked the result it gave me :) gonna wait to take the 2nd test.


lucidc  7 years ago
First Signal 88 cent walmart brand. Been getting BFN's since 7 dps and got 3 faint BFP on 3 different brands at 10 dpo. Waiting til AF to retest. Frustrated


JKH5194704  7 years ago
I took the dollar store generic for EPT - it was pretty simple and it showedd up quick, except it was faint. will probably use again




bauer87  7 years ago
have taken several First signal walmart 88 cent test and all have evap


tokyokriss  7 years ago
A typical Japanese hpt sold in any drug store. It shows clear results, quickly, and is meant for early results.


bigbadaboom  7 years ago
I used SOUNDBODY from BigLots. 8DPO BFN


MBrannen  7 years ago
I used a pregnancy test called smart sense from Kmart and it showed up with a faint positive at 11 dpo. I'm a little unsure though because i cant find much about this brand


Car0l1nesM0mmy  8 years ago
accu clear is hard to read and slow. i wont ever use it again.


jriggs1  8 years ago
Shopko brand and so easy to read.


lori77  9 years ago
I used Equaline and it had a faint positive 11 dpo


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