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Progression opinions please!

After two chemicals I’m cautiously optimistic. I have had 1.5 days of light cramping and weird pully-str ...

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Ugghhh... help! So constipated!

Aside from fibre supplements, water and fruit... is there anything I can do? :mad_2:

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Ovulation after chemical

I’m confused! I should have ovulated already yesterday going by the calendar, but does this look positiv ...

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How can this be?

On Thursday night I got a faint positive. By Friday night it I did another test and it was barely visible. I c ...

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Insane discharge! No photo, don’t worry LOL

I’m 6DPO and since yesterday been having so much kind of lotiony discharge. It’s so weird! I&rsquo ...

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I’ve just wiped at 9DPO and had something a bit like EWCM but it’s tinted browny pink. I’ve ...

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Anyone else starting TTC in April?

Just got the green light from my doctor to start trying for a little brother or sister for our 20 month old gi ...

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TTC and Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism

Hello :) Does anyone have any good news stories or advice before we start TTC with baby #2? Developed severe ...

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