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First post! 3 positive tests but maybe evaps?

Hi everyone! I'm Aly- this is my first post probably of many!! I am very new to all of this! But definitely super excited! My husband and I have been married almost 4 years now and we put off having kids because it was never the right time (is it ever?? Lol) so on a random (drunk) night we said who cares lets just go for it- and here I am 2 weeks later with 3 positive tests! The first 2 didn't show up right away- I would say like 10 min later. So I was worried about evaps. But I have taken pregnancy tests in the past and never saw even a faint line... Even when I checked later. The last one I read the instructions- I know I know. I didn't realize you needed to hold it in the stream for a full 5 seconds. So I used a cup and kept it in for 10 seconds. I got a positive immediately! I posted all 3 tests on this site and 95% say positive. I am worried about the evaps- especially because of the blue dye. But I have never once even gotten a faint positive so I am hopeful!!! This beginning part is the worst! I'm so impatient lol!

Anyway I can't wait to connect with other expectant mommies and hear your stories as well!!!!

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have you taken your test pictures down?

5 years ago

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