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Completely confused!!!! Help.

Okay ladies.
So I had a period May 21st through the 26th. I ovulated on June 8th (peak OPK). SO and I had sex in June 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 13th. NOTHING since. I started what I thought was a period on June 19th (the day my period was due, 29 day cycle). Once again no sex since June 13th.
I had an ultrasound done on July 1st to monitor a cyst on my ovaries the month prior… nothing worth mentioning was seen.
On July 6th I went in to have surgery and the nurse comes back in SURPRISE no surgery, I’m pregnant. I was in complete disbelief. My beta levels at 11:30 on the 6th were 1,990. I took a test when we got home about 3pm that same day and it immediately came back with a STRONG positive. I called my OB and she was just as shocked as I was and had me come in today to have my beta levels checked again… today at 11:15 my levels were either 4,600 or 46,000 (I don’t remember what she said). So levels are going up like they are supposed too. I had an ultrasound this evening and there was NOTHING seen in my uterus. But I’m 100% pregnant.

What we are questioning is if I base it off the last time I ovulated (June 6th) I would be like 6 weeks and 6 days or 7 weeks. Which the beta levels are showing that same time frame.
My OB is wanting to base it off my last “period” of June 18th and that would only put me at like 2 weeks. But once again we did NOT have sex around that time.

Our conception date would of had to of been no later than June 13th…

We are so confused and are kind of worried why nothing was on the ultrasound…

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Here is the pregnancy test I took right after we left the hospital. It turned this dark positive before the pee could even get to the other side completely.

I took a digital the exact time and it was negative.

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Hopefully your doctor has booked another ultrasound on o keep looking. Congratulations and I hope all goes well. I can understand why you are so confused.


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Took a digital this morning and it was positive!

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Get a weeks indication pregnancy test. I would go by June 19th period,it would make sense why nothing was showing on ultrasound.Going by your cycles June 19th was a period and you fell pregnant when you ovulated after that,so you'd be three weeks pregnant now,if you get an digital test,it should say 3+.Stranger things have happened Hopefully next ultrasound will give you all the right answers.Just try to relax and not stress yourself over dates etc.

1 year ago

Hey Sarah!
If we base it off the June 19th period I would have ovulated the week I found out I was pregnant (July 4th-9th) and I have NOT had sex since June 13th so even IF I ovulated earlier we could not have gotten pregnant during this cycle….

Period: May 21st-26th
Intercourse: June 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 13th
Peak OPK: June 8th (fertile window was supposed to be June 1st-5th)
ZERO intercourse: June 14th-18th
Period: June 19th-23rd
Fertile window: July 4th-9th
Positive pregnancy: July 6th
*beta levels 1,990 July 6th
*beta levels 4,600 or 46,000 (I don’t remember what she said) July 8th
*nothing on ultrasound July 8th.
*positive digital test July 9th

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