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I'm completely confused with what my body is doing.

I truly wasn't going to post but after searching High and low online for some sort of answer to what's going on with my body I thought I'd go ahead and post and then post my end result later so that if anyone else has something similar happening well they'll know what's going on.

Anyways. Let's start with the basics my last period was on April 9th and ended on April 15. Everything was normal during that.
Now come the details. On April 17 Hubby and I did the deed and then on April 18 in the afternoon I started bleeding. It was a medium bleed and lasted all the way until late in the night on April 19.
Had me a bit stressed but after a couple of days I stopped thinking about it.
According to my app my period was supposed to start on the 8th this month. It didn't. But because I vary between 30-34 days for cycles it didn't count me late until today.
Countdowntopregnancy counted me late since the 8th. Either way ....I was late.

I never have any period symptoms except for 2 zits that pop up faithfully every single month in the same old place guessed it my nose. And bloating.

This time I noticed on the 7th that I was super bloated. And my skin started breaking out ALL over. My boobs also got very sensitive and the nipples ..oh boy...wearing a bra has been pure torture. Sunday they were super itchy to the point I actually scratched them And they remained extra sensitive this entire time. Bloating still here too.
This morning I also had a small food aversion and even threw up just a bit in my mouth .. fatigue has also been present. Which is not normal at all.

Now here's the thing. After all this. I started a VERY VERY VERY light bleed late this morning. My periods are NEVER light and are always accompanied by cramps that have me curl up in a ball with a heat pack.

Nothing of that right now.

I feel like I should continue keeping track of what's happening and post a result later. Either it's the strangest way I've ever had a pregnancy start or AF is truly messing with me now. Failed to mention I have 3 little boy but none of my pregnancies with them started like this and I'm turning 32.

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If you haven’t already I would suggest to take a test. I’ve heard stories as strange or even stranger that ended in a bfp! Hopefully you’ll get the outcome you wish for!!

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6 weeks ago

Sounds interesting! Definitely do a test. FX!!


6 weeks ago

I think it's safe to safe that AF is here. This morning it had intensified and though its a darker red instead of the usual bright red it feels like AF minus the cramps.

Either way I'm keeping it under surveillance lol. I'm so tempted to hope that this will be just a short bleed that leads to an BFP all those stories I've heard.

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