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Join me in the two week wait!

I think I had a positive opk and so the two week wait begins - again This time I promised myself not to take a hpt before af due date. I’m so sad when it’s a bfn and I turn to google right away to regain a bit of hope. Not this time! So I thought.. I can’t be the only one going through this torture so let’s help each other! Taking a hpt early won’t change the outcome anyway. Also, we could support each other - both those who get the BFP’s and BFN’s. Anyone in this with me?

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Hi. I'm in the ttw ,4dpo today, weve been trying for a year now after ww lost our baby girl at five months pregnant. I know how you feel,I torture myself every month with testing. But now I've bought a Clearblue Advanced fertility monitor, so i can only test three days leading up to my period, so it take's the stess off a bit and the heartache of all the bfn.x

3 months ago

I’m so sorry for your loss - it’s devastating!! I’m crossing everything I’ve got for you, and hoping that you get your bfp this month!

It must be nice that you can’t cheat and do a test - it’s so tempting already! I’m also 4 dpo today

3 months ago • Post starter

Sarah3182 hoping this is your month!

9 weeks ago • Post starter

Hiya. I'm 6dpo tomorrow,I'm hoping too.We DTD every chance we could lol.x

9 weeks ago

6 dpo tomorrow

9 weeks ago

Im in the ttw and already losin my mind

8 weeks ago • Edited

Hey ladies...I’m not quite there yet...due to O tomorrow or there abouts bit I feel you pain...ttc #2 for 22months now...feel like I’ve taken a step back from obsessing this last few months as I’ve learnt that any variation of cramps or no cramps or sore boobs or no sore boobs hasn’t worked out for me I am just going to see...we’ve BD four time’s this past few days hopefully get another few in so I hope it’s a lucky one...good luck for all you other ladies ...I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed x

8 weeks ago

Well ladies I am 1dpo according this and my app and my cm seems to be going with that too as no long ewcm. You know your ttc when you hope that you tender boobs and sore nips don’t go away but continue right through thank god I can vent on here ..dp will think I am crazy

7 weeks ago

Hi all! I am new here, so excuse me spelling everything out but I am not familiar with your language yet! I have been TTC #2 for almost 7 months now. I was all about just letting it happen on its own but this last month I finally broke down and bought the ovulation sticks. I got 4 days of a blinking smiley and on day 5, i got a solid! Well today I am 8dpo and I got a negative on an EPT this morning. I know I should wait, but I can't help myself. We tried ONE time with our first and it happened. Literally one shot (LOL). I am a bit discouraged and looking for some hope, I guess. Did anyone here take an EPT with a negative result only to later confirm a positive?

7 weeks ago

Hey’s the days progressed for you? I’m around 6dpo boobs have been really sore this palest three days, like tingly boob and nips sore...hopefully it’s a good sign but who knows...also my coffee has properly churned my stomach this morning...don’t know if that’s because I’m just knackered though...a busy weekend has caught up on me I think. I hope you had some good news x

7 weeks ago

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