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Clomid Round 1....TWW ?

Today is CD 19 for me and 1 dpo finally got my positive OPK...but the cramps are so bad ????. Anyone else on Clomid in their TWW?

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Did you have bloodwork to confirm ovulation? I took clomid and was advised to not use OPKs because the results can be skewed from the clomid.

9 days ago

Unfortunately I didn't have any bloodwork done cuz my insurance doesn't cover it but I guess we will see soon enough

9 days ago • Post starter

Hi girl I’m currently on my 3rd round you of Clomid! I am suppose to ovulate today (positive OPKS yesterday) I took Clomid CD 3-7 100mg and can tell you the cramps during ovulation are real and keep an eye on them that you’re not hypo stimulated because that can be very painful and not good but your doctor should be monitoring for that, I’ve also got endometriosis on top of PCOS so I’m very use to the pain you’re talking about. Fingers crossed for both of us I conceived my daughter on my second round of Clomid after two years of TTC so I know it does work good luck x

TTC #2

6 days ago

@ladybuglove10...Yes the pain did go away after 2 days so thinking it was ovulation 6dpo now I had some cramps again so hoping it's implantation!!! I've been testing and may have got a vvvvvfl this morning but we'll see in a couple of days! I have PCOS too and conceived my second round of Clomid with my Son who's 4 like hyper aware of everything going on with my body right now Ughh driving me crazy...but I'm also getting a blood test done on Tuesday so I guess we will see ???? I'm wishing you the best as wellll

6 days ago • Post starter

Hey I'm currently on my first round of clomid for the first time, and ovulated yesterday apparently according to OPK, did you have any other dose effects from the clomid? I've literally felt so sick from day 2 of taking them and still get it now it's like intense motion sickness everytime I move ????! Sending you lots of luck!... try testing 12dpo you may still be super early x

4 days ago

@Baby9313 Hey there!!! Yes I was very emotional like the 4th and 5th day of Clomid...and I did have a little nausea at the end of the pills...then I got really bad cramps around CD 18 which is when I got my positive OPK...and Yes your right I could be very early I'm just obsessing lol I'm no good at this 2 week wait lol...but I literally notice every little change in my body at this point but they did a pregnancy blood test today so well see and I'll continue testing and go from there if this isn't my month there's always next cycle ???? Wishing you Baby Dust ????????????

4 days ago • Post starter

I'm the same test mad but I think it only stresses us more and right now we need a stress free time! I'm not the only emotional mess right now then ???? . From angry to laughing to crying! What a rollercoaster we are all on! Hopefully with the ending in sight soon! I have told myself I'm not going to even test until around the 24th but I'm sure I will cave in a few days before and drive other half mad!

4 days ago

@baby9313 your so right I think I need to chill on testing so much lol and yes we so need to be stress free...isnt that when all the stressful crap happens lol...Im the same but will say the past couple of days my emotions have been much better under control then before lol

4 days ago • Post starter

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