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5DPO & I don't FEEL any SYMPTOMS.

5DPO & I don't FEEL any SYMPTOMS, anyone else?

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I'm 4dpo and nothing noticeable yet. I've got dry mouth, but that could be explained by the excessive heat we've been having. This waiting is TORTURE!

10 years ago

Hey ladies :) I am 3 DPO possibly 4. I have told myself I am not reading into anything symptom wise till after 6 dpo atleast than implantation could have happend :) I am testing at 12 DPO which is next sunday. What about you ladies?

User Image Miscarriage 1/6/2012

10 years ago

@ chanda75 & cnicole2284

I'm trying to wait it out to before testing, but it is driving my crazy. I guess I'm just gon wait on AF which she should be here around the 14 or the 17, God forbid! I pray that this is our month!

10 years ago • Post starter

I hae no idea if I have any symptoms. One minute I'm convinced I do, the next I talk myself out of it. I really don't think I have any symptoms..the fact of the matter is, it's probably to early for me to.
I'm 3 or 4 dpo...I think. I miscarried on May 14th, and would really like to be pregnant again asap. I have the ok from Ob (no medical intervention was needed with m/c) to try again immediately, since I'm 40 (tick-tock), and completely healthy. I'm trying to take advantage of the mysterious 'myth' that you are super-fertile right after a miscarriage. I didn't ask my Ob if this is true or not, because I'm quite happy believing in the prego fairy.
I have been opk testing, and pretty sure I came up positive on Tuesday. I could see the strips getting darker over the days, darkest on Tueday afternoon (halk of the line was light, the other half was as dark as the test line), still dark Tuesday night, a little lighter Wednesday morning, then a steady lightening.
Unfortunately, I am having NO success in temping, because I'm an insomniac, and can't get 3 hours of sleep under my belt before testing at the same time each morning. BOO! CM is scant with me as a no help there. Cervix was VERY high, soft and, there's hope there.
DH and I did the BD Tuesday and Wednesday night. Poor thing couldn't finish the dance Thursday night, or Friday morning (poor thing!).
So, anyone think I may have caught my little eggo? Should I sleeze up on poor pooped DH again tonight just to be safe, or let the poor guy alone?
Wishing super awesome good sticky bean luck to all!!

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10 years ago

stgmngr210 - Ahhh... the preggo fairy...she's a fickle little sprite, isn't she?!?!? It sounds like you definitely could have caught that eggo! And I know two people who got preggers immediately following a MC so Wishing you lots of !

I am new to this site & see lots of posts of people testing 9 or 10 dpo but that sounds too early to me! I am planning on testing the day before AF is due (the 11th). I am currently very confused though, because I thought for sure (based on EWCM & some mild cramping) that I had O'd on CD #14 (we BD'd on #10, #12, & #14) but then out of nowhere on CD#18 I got MORE EWCM (this one a lot more stretchy...tmi I know!) so I forced some BD-ing on the hubby on that day too. So now I am not sure of I am 5 dpo or 9 dpo! What do you girls think??? And then today, CD#22, I got a clump of CM again! I'm new at this CM charting, so if you have any advice PLEASE share!

If no BFP this cycle I will definitely be getting an OPK for next time. We're way too old, and married way too long, to be BD-ing all the time...I'm going to put my poor hubby in traction if we keep this up!

10 years ago

I was torturing myself by stalking the site "two week wait" in the early symptoms section. Women who have recently gotten their BFP share the log of symptoms they kept from 0DPO until their BFP. A few women specifically posted about clumpy/globby CM!
Fingers crossed for the baby fairy and her sticky bean baby dust for you!!
As for me, the only symptom I have so far is slightly tender bbs....because I keep squeezing them to see if they hurt.

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10 years ago

The wait is torture! I have been feeling "things" since my suspected ovulation date. I started with mild cramps low in my abdomen and now have sore nipples, which I never have. Could it be the new bra I've been wearing the past week, or is it in my head???? Last month was the first month I didn't test b/c my husband convinced me not to. This month, I won't until AF is late. Luckily, we are taking a trip to Las Vegas, so I will be distracted for the rest of the wait, or will I?

10 years ago

Looks like I have found the right thread - I am 5DPO, and I have some 'symptoms' that could be early pregnancy symptoms:

1. My BBT has elevated slighted (97.2, 97.3, 98.0, 98.1).
2. I have CM that I typically don't have (but who knows, I just may have never noticed it before).
3. Dull cramping on the left side.
4. Headaches.
6. Yesterday - sore nipples

I have been trying to take it easy instead of worrying. Who knows. I am scheduled to get AF on June 11th (my one year wedding anniversary!)

I am looking forward to reading everyone's post and seeing what lies ahead for us!

Will keep everyone posted as Implantation should be around June 6th.


10 years ago

I'm SO jealous of the people who get the sore/sensitive bbs (even when it's self-inflicted, stgmngr210! And I've been should see the raised eyebrow looks I get from DH when he enters a room & I'm practically turning them into TINY punching bags to see if I get a reaction...or holding my shirt out & staring down it to see if there are any pronounced veins! Needless to say, if you could burn calories by rolling your eyes, my DH would be a VERY skinny-minny!) because evidently mine are completely dead inside! They've never been very, ummm...responsive anyway. And when I (FINALLY...after 13 years) had my DD they never did a thing (including the fact that I never got the porn-star bbs I had always dreamed would happen when I got pregers!)! And every site you go to says the most reliable & earliest sign is sore bbs! Darn these, tiny useless things! Ugh!

pbc910 - Vegas, Baby! What a wonderful distraction...or at the very least it will help the TWW go by quicker!

Starfish2002- We are HPT Buddies...I get to test that day too!

I hope our little thread is just swimming in baby dust!

10 years ago

I feel the same way about sore bbs, b/c all the pregnant women I know say that's how they know there were pregnant. I am not very chesty if you will and I've never had sensitive bbs or nipples so I figure if I got sore bbs it would be the sign...sigh

This stupid cramping type feeling is annoying and it came back this morning, a very dull cramping in my low abdomen and just not feeling very well.

AF is supposed to come around June 10th so I am praying that this month she will finally go away, at least for 9 months...b/c if I see one more pregnant chick or a baby, I might explode!

Baby dust to all!

10 years ago

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