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Green Tea and Folic Acid

Folic acid is absolutely crucial during pregnancy. Folic acid reduces the incidences of neural tube defects and also protects against cleft lip, preeclampsia, premature birth, low birth weight, miscarriage and more. Make sure you are getting enough. I know they say that 400mcg is adequate, but I don't think the bare minimum is good enough. Try to get 1000mcg per day at the very least. (I take 5000mcg per day as recommended by my doctor). Make sure you start taking it before you conceive, and ideally start 3 months prior to conception. Don't wait until you find out you are pregnant to start taking it. Start now and give your baby the best chance!

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Now, if you are drinking green because of it's great benefits (decaf is best) make sure you don't drink it at the same time as you take your folic acid (or prenatal/multivitamin). Green tea can affect the absorption of folic acid! If possible space out the two by about 6-8 hours. Either tea in the morning/vitamins at night, or vitamins in the morning/tea in the evening. Doing this will allow for the best chance of absorbing your folic acid properly.

Happy baby making!

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Thanks! Great info! I had a suggestion.... How about a countdowntopregnancy app for Android and Iphone??? Do you think it is do-able??


7 years ago

Thank you for posting this important information! I wish that nobody would have to go through a pregnancy devistated by a NTD. Take your folic acid ladies!

7 years ago

Good to know!!! I've been drinking green/jasmine tea since ttc so as to avoid coffee every morning! I'll be sure I space out my m-vit and give it plenty of time. Thank you! ;) Are there any other natural herbs you'd suggest for anyone ttc (not just those w/low progesterone, etc.)?

6 years ago

Also green tea helps in the aid of ewcm and the more ewcm it really does up your chances that's why the women with more ewcm get pregnant faster not all the time but way better chance

1 year ago

How many cups of green tea a day do you suggest or take personally?

1 year ago

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