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ttc #1 CD 2 cycle#3 Looking for buddies

In hopes of making some more friends and see some more success stories, I am posting this thread. I still have AF but am hoping to Ov around June 5th which would put me testing between June 17th(fathers day) and 23rd (OH's Birthday) somewhere.

Little info about me- I am 24 y/o 25 in July. and OH is 29, he'll be the big 30 in June! This will be our 3rd month TTC. I have been tracking my cycles for 5mos, shortest one was 22days this month, and longest was 32. I use Opks and Temp. Hoping to BD almost every other day this cycle.

I am looking for friends and support.

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You are almost exactly matching my cycle...I am brand new, but will be your buddy!

5 years ago

When are you expecting AF???

5 years ago • Post starter

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