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What's going on!? Please read!

Ok, I had AF on May 10th, normal period. Hubby and I TTC (this will be our 3rd). My cycle is always on time never late, if anything, its a day early. So, I did a test last Friday and it showed a faint positive, checked the instruction leaflet and it stated even if line is faint, its still a positive. Fantastic I thought!! Since then, no show of AF but now 4 Neg tests!? This has never happened too me before. Im so confused. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated at this point. Its stressing me out :(

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have they all been the same make of test that you got you faint line with?

i would possible suggest having a blood test taken if you are having no luck with tests.

good luck x

5 years ago

No different tests. Im actually going to the Dr's this morning. Something just doesnt feel right to be honest :( I'll post an update when I get back. Wish me luck! xx

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