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Acne Breakout

Francobaby90  5 years ago
16dpo. Breaking out, no sign of af and still bfn. I'm starting to think I'm not even ovulating. : (


mamax4  7 years ago
6 dpo lots of pimples that I normally don't have.


clairede89  7 years ago
7 DPO and so many spots on my chin and cheeks. I am pretty sure this is not something that usually happens to me!




xxBELLxx  7 years ago
I NEVER get spots 9dpo 10 dp trigger rash and spots on chin and jawline its a bit soar and red fingers xxxxxx


MizBriC  7 years ago
I am 10DPO and have EIGHT ZITS!!! I normally get 1-2 on my chin before AF, but I've got 6 on my face and 2 on my upper back. New to me!


Aimee007  7 years ago
I'm 11dpo, and getting lots of spots come up around my face. I don't have the best skin, but j don't normally suffer this bad! ????


tiggatigga  7 years ago
ive just stsrted getting acne in the last 4 weeks


yhdz6879  8 years ago
dpo 10 break out on my chin. oily skin i have very normal skin


HopefulHamilton  8 years ago
7dpo and noticed acne on my chin and a big on next to my brow. Praying


LisaMA  8 years ago
I noticed a big pimple along my jawline close to the ear yesterday (4DPO). I NEVER have pimples there or this big. Sign?


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