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High Energy

Unidentified  7 years ago
10DPO weirdly enough I have short bursts of high energy that makes it hard to sleep. Normally exhausted this time of the month.


BlueDoes  8 years ago
oddly having high energy today at 11 DPO. Been exhausted from 5DPO


Mollymolly87  8 years ago
I am 27DPO and 13 days late. Smh and still BFN. For the past 4 days I've been getting energy spurts for 2-3 hrs. Then im exhausted.




Kerrysherriff   8 years ago
I'm 9dpi and iv had this burst of energy today were iv wanted to bleach and clean everywere hmmmm strange


MissEvans  9 years ago
9dpo give or take and actually able to survive a day without a nap :O


Booyote  9 years ago
I'm 22dpo and feel so much more awake and energetic than ever.


Wanna have baby dust  10 years ago
at 16 DPO, i am really feeling energytic, though sometimes i get dizzy, but otherwise happy and energytic


Wanna have baby dust  10 years ago
at 14 dpo, im feeling high energy and im happy ...


Wanna have baby dust  10 years ago
at times i feel energytic ...not a great transformation but definetly not too tored as mentioned by other ladies in this forum


Wanna have baby dust  10 years ago
Yes... I am feeling energytic, happy ..God it should be good sign:)


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