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member_58252  4 years ago
I’m around 14 dpo and been having insomnia issues since 12 dpo... don’t know why


OhBoyOrGirl  5 years ago
Bad insomnia @ 4DPO can not sleep at all..


Jasmine1993  6 years ago
Unable to sleep since 12dpo, now 14dpo. But I wonder if it's because my husband has been working at night these past few days.




Cbinns_89  6 years ago
Had insomnia since 7dpo so tiring


Alishacolin.  7 years ago
Now** oops


Alishacolin.  7 years ago


Alishacolin.  7 years ago
extream fatigue at 6-7dpo... not insomnia for a week; currently 13dpo


Dreamsof3  7 years ago
7 dpo. Major sleeplessness. Since 3dpo.


UmmSaaheim  7 years ago
Gassy and sleeplesnes


Sb1204  7 years ago
16 dpo 2 days late no sleep last night due to heartburn and trapped wind.


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