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Sore/Sensitive Nipples

Gimmebabies!  11 months ago
Y’all, my nips are so sore i can’t stand for hubby to touch them. Anybody have bfps? I had two bfns today at 7dpo


PinkLady1972  11 months ago
My nips are ultra sensitive I'm 11dpo been becoming more sensitive since just after O x


Jessi3433  1 year ago
i have experiencing sore/sensitive nipples for awhile now and now i have experiencing pain in my breasts




Ryujismom2017  1 year ago
4dpo my nipples are so sensitive


Heartsdesire   1 year ago
Sore nipples (just tips) since 2dpo.


Momma805  1 year ago
*Days. And I'm 11DPO today


Momma805  1 year ago
For the past 3 to 4 faire just my nips have been sore/ sensitive. Not the Boob's.


Bub&I2015  1 year ago
9Dpo today and from 6Dpo very sensitive nipples. Last time this happened I found out i was pregnant (sadly ended in Cp).


tia6fulkerson  1 year ago
have had sore nipples not breast since 5dpo today is day 12 dpo and still sore. I normally get sore breasts not nipples when af is coming


Cat29x  1 year ago
I'm 10dpo and have had extremely sore nipples for a few days , I don't usually get this when waiting for AF


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