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juanita78  3 years ago
im on cd 18, unsure when i ovulated due to confusing opks but im having twinges both sides and feeling bloated


K8erpillar  3 years ago


Hawaiian Girl   3 years ago
2DPO feeling twinges today and gas bubbles




wakeup79  3 years ago
10dpo i only had a few.


HzlGreenEyes  3 years ago
3 dpo and still have twinges


HzlGreenEyes  3 years ago
2 dpo Woke up with my uterus twitching and it has been all day.


wakeup79  3 years ago
I thought I was trippin 0dpo and I felt flutters today! Felt like gas bubbles! #ttc


Muslimah78  3 years ago
I had fluttering in my lower stomach all day yesterday at 6dpo


DaphneJane  3 years ago
when I rest for a while or wake up from a sleep, I feel fluttering and pulsating feelings in my uterus area, peculiar...


freespiritmommy  3 years ago
I've been having these flutters in my stomach for the past 2 days but today I felt it a lot more


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