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OhBoyOrGirl  11 months ago
Had twinges last night felt neat, reminds me of my last Pregnancy? 11dpo


Tilly2018  1 year ago
11 dpo. Feeling flutters, twinges and dull cramping. And strangely almost small lurches like I’ve just gone down a dip on a roller coaster.


Raechi2417  2 years ago
6dpo watery like consistency but milky colored cm. lower back and thighs feel super sore. Then whole body aches flu like. Bubbly sensations




nowornever2015  2 years ago
6dpo and fluttery, bubbly feelilng on left side of abdomen since yesterday


Arieleryn  2 years ago
11dpo bubbles, gargles, twinges on my right lower abode,


lock.down  2 years ago
I'm 11dpo & I kept having twinging only on my right side with very light cramps in the middle


LilMomma  2 years ago
Was laying down and it felt almost as if my low abdomen was twitching. Maybe it was just my pulse, I don't know it was weird though.


WilliClanx5  2 years ago
11 DPO 5 or 6 that lasted a second or two each


Nikkig5678  2 years ago
9DPO twinges all day. So strange. Maybe it's just gas? But I've never felt it before.


Rrisa123  2 years ago
Sharp poking twinge on my lower right side in the uterus area.


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