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Pronounced Veins

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HalieB  4 years ago
Omg i thought i was loosing my mind.... 9DPO i just today noticed these blue veins starting at my chest and going to my nipples!!


Tasmin13  4 years ago
Last night my fiance noticed the vains on my bbs & said I have varicose veins


AcostaBaby01  4 years ago
Pronounced veins in my arms, and I never noticed it before tonight. I am 9DPO




kaykaybaybay  4 years ago
just noticed veiny boobs today, cramps, gassy, sore boobs, very thirsty, white and clear cm 8dpo


aribaby  4 years ago


aribaby  4 years ago
Last few days very blue veins on chest shoulders and legs. Vivid dreams, Creamy cm, bbs sore. Abdomen sore


Gvoncloedt  4 years ago
I'm 16 dpo and my veins in my arms and wrists are super blue. I'm pretty pale as is, but it's never been this dark. Crazy


Cherry17  4 years ago
veiny boobs and nipples r purply looking. 10dpo sore boobs too!


ages22  4 years ago
*Baby dust to you all


ages22  4 years ago
10 dpo blue veins are visible. breast are sore. and veins reaching all the way around my shoulders...fingers crossed!! Baby to you all


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