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Pronounced Veins

justkeira  3 months ago
15 dpo. I can see them and it was never there before.


Jessesgirl910   7 months ago
Blue veins on my chest...don’t think they were there before. I’m 5dpo.


Mama Dee  12 months ago
prominent blue veins from legs to torso and breasts. pretty hungry and nauseous. very sore bbs since 3dpo. 11dpo today




Lconnolly  1 year ago
Noticed a large blue vein on my chest tonight, I'm pretty sure that's new. I just hate over analyzing everything! 8-9 dpo


CountdowntoPregnancy  1 year ago
Meant to say I am 17dpo(at least) wasn't trying this mo so cant remember which day AF came last month due to shifts & wasnt tracking


inthekitchenmama  1 year ago
I have had blue veins showing in my breasts for at least a week and in the last few days they have appeared on my lower belly too.AF is late


Chucklepower1  1 year ago
Blue veins on chest and breasts today. 10dpo still bfn ????


qtpye2fly  1 year ago
I don't know exactly what dpo I am but I suspect I am around 9-10 dpo. And today I looked in mirror and was shocked to see blue veins


BabyMiller  1 year ago
12 dpo-Left breast and my chest has blue veins showing like crazy & it's real heavy and sagging way lower that right.


tyc928  1 year ago
Huge highway of blue veins in my breasts and top of my feet 14 dpo


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