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Pronounced Veins

OhBoyOrGirl  2 years ago
Got the blue vains on boobs very noticeable. 8dpo


justkeira  3 years ago
15 dpo. I can see them and it was never there before.


Jessesgirl910   3 years ago
Blue veins on my chest...don’t think they were there before. I’m 5dpo.




Mama Dee  3 years ago
prominent blue veins from legs to torso and breasts. pretty hungry and nauseous. very sore bbs since 3dpo. 11dpo today


Lconnolly  3 years ago
Noticed a large blue vein on my chest tonight, I'm pretty sure that's new. I just hate over analyzing everything! 8-9 dpo


CountdowntoPregnancy  4 years ago
Meant to say I am 17dpo(at least) wasn't trying this mo so cant remember which day AF came last month due to shifts & wasnt tracking


inthekitchenmama  4 years ago
I have had blue veins showing in my breasts for at least a week and in the last few days they have appeared on my lower belly too.AF is late


Chucklepower1  4 years ago
Blue veins on chest and breasts today. 10dpo still bfn ????


qtpye2fly  4 years ago
I don't know exactly what dpo I am but I suspect I am around 9-10 dpo. And today I looked in mirror and was shocked to see blue veins


BabyMiller  4 years ago
12 dpo-Left breast and my chest has blue veins showing like crazy & it's real heavy and sagging way lower that right.


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